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About Your Therapist
Dianne Carlin LMT
24549 Detroit Rd #7 Westlake OH 44145          440.915.1577     info@wsprenatalmassage.com   


I am currently on a medical leave of absence.  My return date is unknown at this time but could be as early as February or as late as April (or possibly later).  Due to the uncertainty of a return date, gift certificate sales are currently on hold.

I anticipate being available by text or email if you would like to go on a waitlist or have any questions.

Thank you for your patience and I wish you a beautiful start to 2024! 

  •   Specializing in prenatal massage.  Swedish and  Deep Tissue massage for tension headaches, back pain, injury, and general stress reduction are available for non-pregnant clients when referred by clinician, client, or gift certificate. No referral needed for prenatal and oncology massage.


Studio Space

Sales tax added* (a massage prescription eliminates tax)
30 Minutes  $55 
60 Minutes    $95  
90 Minutes  $130  



Signature service includes thorough consultation, heated table, hot towels,  organic jojoba,  organic fractionated coconut oil, and choice of 100% pure single-note or blended essential oils 
(Inquire about reduced pricing for oncology massage). 

Payment:  Check or cash preferred.  All major credit cards  and FSA/HSA debit cards accepted.

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