West Shore Prenatal Massage


About Your Therapist


General questions:

What is your background and training?

Besides your prenatal specialty, what sets your practice apart from the rest?

I would like to refer my (spouse, friend, etc.).  Do you accept clients who aren't pregnant? Can I come back for massage after I deliver?


The Appointment: 

This is my first professional massage. How should I prepare? What can I expect? 

Prenatal Massage: 

How is prenatal massage different from other types of massage?

Is seeing a specialist necessary? 

Is it true that pregnant women should not have (a) deep pressure, (b) foot/shoulder massage, or (c) first-trimester massage?

In what position will I be lying for my massage?

I am almost at my due date.  Can I still get a massage?  

Oncology Massage: 

Is it safe for cancer patients to receive massage? 

Do I need my doctor's permission to receive oncology massage?

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