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Please note the following to facilitate booking:

  •  Specific requests by text or email, stating your availability, are the fastest way to book.*  
  •  Please be as specific as possible*, including session length, desired appointment time AND acceptable time frames (e.g. "One hour, preferably Tuesday at twelve, but can do anything from 11:30 to 3" or "30 minutes, first available weekday morning").  
  •  I encourage responding to messages as soon as possible.  Availability can change if someone else requests the same appointment time before you are able to reply. 
 * Because I book flexibly on the quarter-hour, it is sometimes not possible to list all potential appointment times in response to non-specific requests (e.g. "what's available next week")
** I often receive several inquiries in a short period of time.  It is helpful to know everyone's time frames prior to responding individually. 

Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing you soon! 



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